We are a group of volunteer research-practitioners
Our mission is to create a collaborative network of scientists and practitioners who come together to define an inspiring purpose, to facilitate communication, to create an innovative atmosphere to study, discuss, develop new methods and share assessment center best practices around the world.

News and Blogs

7 - 11 March 2022
Annual Assessment Centre Study Group (ACSG) Conference
Scoring the In-box Exercise
The in-basket/in-box has been used effectively for over 50 years, as a stand-alone assessment technique...
Have You Encountered This Problem?
Early candidates in a high-stakes Assessment Center for selection or promotion, give information...
IQ tests vs. assessment centers:
What should be chosen for valid predictions?
Adaptability Teaser
Adaptability: Definition, Assessment and Development
Assessment Centres:
Assisting you in being "Penny and Pound Wise"
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Coming soon...
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Our values

We follow commonly accepted standards of conduct and best practices.
We make decisions based on data and scientific evidence.
We choose to work together to achieve our shared goals.
We inspire assessment center players around our global ecosystem to develop new methods.

Our members