Gary Chen (陳子良)
Chief Consultant
East-West Management Consulting, Inc.
CF East-West Consuling Ltd. USA

Since 1993, Gary founded his own management consulting firm and started to provide I/O psychology related professional services. His main focuses are: leadership development/team building training; talent assessment and development; executive coach and development; and OD consultation. His clients are mainly Chinese companies located in both China and Taiwan. In addition, he also joined frequently with international workforces to help global corporations.

Gary has supervised many human resources practitioners to use assessment methods professionally and understand each assessment tool's strengths and limitations. His company has developed many training programs and become agents of some famous programs, such as LIFO, ITS. Thus, he has trained hundreds of licensed trainers, coach and consultants.

He also practiced and deliver assessment center services to a variety of industries. The services includes competencies building, assessment center exercise designs, administration and follow-up development programs. In recent years, he actively promotes professional AC standards and educates more practitioners to operate assessment center and development center in more professional ways. With the help from Dr. George Thornton, numbers of AC training activities have been conducted in many cities across China and Taiwan.

Based on his academic training, Gary is quite competent in the OD (organizational Development) field. He is experienced in helping executives to design and conduct organizational change and development, strategic management, and reorganization. He used several intervention, coach and team building techniques to help clients changes, especially focusing on human factors.

Gary is also actively in non-profit organizations and professional society in both China and Taiwan. He helped found Taiwan Talent Assessment and Development Association and Institute of International AC standards in China. In another NPO he and his colleagues work to help young talents work in cross-cultural contexts by using ACDC methods.

In recent interests, Gary integrates Assessment Center Methodology, OD intervention, Family Dynamics, and LIFO/ITS methods to help clients with family business to have successful family successions. The purpose is to assure that the young generation can create new business or career practices while sustaining elder generation's visions, missions, strengths and assets.

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