Sandra Schlebusch
Sandra believes in the unifying power of one – one person, one team, one organisation – that is,
working integratively, in depth and in detail, across the complete organisational system, in order to facilitate an exponential difference.

Her 30 years of work experience encompass the domain of people development – from selecting, to developing, and to nurturing talent. She has worked both full-time and as a consultant in large
corporations, as well as state-owned and smaller enterprises, where she designed and implemented coaching and mentoring, leadership development, as well as succession development processes. Sandra's specialisation is assessment centres, and she specifically uses simulations as part of her design, development, and implementation of numerous assessment centres, both for selection and for developmental purposes. Her unique area of work is coaching development centres – these incorporate coaching with the rigour of assessment centres. She is both an experienced assessor and coach, having worked with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds across the world. She has had the privilege of working and gaining some of her experience within the uniqueness of South Africa's multi-cultural environment.

She is a guest lecturer on assessment centres at various universities.
Sandra is past Chairperson of the Assessment Centre Study Group (ACSG). She co-established the AC Academy in 2012 with the aim of educating potential assessment centre users. She has published the following books: Assessment Centres: Unlocking People Potential (1st and 2nd Edition), as well as a couple of peer reviewed articles on this subject in scientific journals. She also speaks on the topic of assessment centres at both national and international conferences.

Sandra has the following educational qualifications:

- Doctor of Philosophy: Leadership in Performance and Change (in progress)
- Masters in Business Administration
- B Com Honors (Industrial Psychology)
- B Com (Industrial Psychology)
- Professional Coaching Diploma

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