Actions define a character: Assessment centers as behavior-focused personality measures
Heimann, A. L., Ingold, P. V., Lievens, F., Melchers, K., Keen, G., & Kleinmann, M. (2021)
Personnel Psychology
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Enhancing Personality Assessment in the Selection Context: A Study Protocol on Alternative Measures and an Extended Bandwidth of Criteria
Schröder, V. S., Heimann, A. L., Ingold, P. V., & Kleinmann, M. (2021)
Frontiers in Psychology, 12(650)
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The impact of item parceling ratios and strategies on the internal structure of assessment center ratings: A study using confirmatory factor analysis
Buckett, A., Becker, J. R., & Roodt, G. (2021)
Journal of Personnel Psychology 20(1) 1 – 16
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Adaptability: Definition, Assessment, Development
Baczynska А., Bronkhorst H., Bronkhorst P., Chen G., Huang I., Kleinmann M., Lanik M., Lehkonen S., Pendit V., Schlebusch S., Simonenko S., Thornton G. (2020)
Psychological Portrait of an Entrepreneur
Simonenko S. (2020)
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Repairing the Broken Rung: Overcoming Bias in the Leadership Pipeline
Lanik, M., Brown, M., Rupp, D. E., Strah, N., Kim, Y-J. (2020)
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Who will go the extra mile? Selecting organizational citizens with a personality-based interview
Heimann, A. L., Ingold, P. V., Debus, M. E., & Kleinmann, M. (2020)
Journal of Business and Psychology
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Bounded leadership: An empirical study of leadership competencies, constraints, and effectiveness
Korzynski, P., Kozminski, A. K., Baczynska, A., & Haenlein, M. (2020)
European Management Journal
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Tell us about your leadership style: A structured interview approach for assessing leadership behavior constructs
Heimann, A. L., Ingold, P. V., & Kleinmann, M. (2020)
The Leadership Quarterly, 31(4)
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Do overall dimension ratings from assessment centres show external construct-related validity?
Wirz, A., Melchers, K. G., Kleinmann, M., Lievens, F., Annen, H., Blum, U., & Ingold, P. V. (2020)
European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 29(3), 405-420
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Personality, Analytical, and Emotional Intelligence Among Top and Middle Managers
Baczynska, A. K., & Rowiński, T. (2020)
Central European Management Journal, 28(2), 2-15
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How Different Indicator-Dimension Ratios in Assessment Center Ratings Affect Evidence for Dimension Factors
Buckett A, Becker JR, Melchers KG and Roodt G (2020)
Frontiers in Psychology. 11:459
doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2020.00459
Toward a Better Understanding of Assessment Centers: A Conceptual Review
Kleinmann, M. & Ingold, P. V. (2019)
Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior, 6, 349-372
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What do consistency and personableness in the interview signal to applicants? Investigating indirect effects on organizational attractiveness through symbolic organizational attributes
Wilhelmy, A., Kleinmann, M., Melchers, K. G., & Lievens, F. (2019)
Journal of Business and Psychology. doi: 10.1007/s10869-018-9600-7
Relationships of Analytical, Practical, and Emotional Intelligence with Behavioral Dimensions of Performance of Top Managers
Baczynska A, Thornton G. C. (2017)
International Journal of Selection and Assessment. 25:171–182
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Leadership Competences Among Managers
Baczynska A., Korzyński P, (2017)
Management and Business Administration. Central Europe; 25(2):6-22
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Ethical challenges in assessment centres in South Africa
Muleya, V.R., Fourie, L., & Schlebusch, S. (2017)
SA Journal of Industrial Psychology, 43
The effects of predictor method factors on selection outcomes: A modular approach to personnel selection procedures
Lievens, F., & Sackett, P. R. (2017)
Journal of Applied Psychology, 102(1), 43-66
doi: 10.1037/apl0000160
General performance factors and group differences in assessment center ratings
Buckett, A., Becker, J. R., & Roodt, G. (2017)
Journal of Managerial Psychology, 32(4), 298-313
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Assessment centers versus cognitive ability tests: Challenging the conventional wisdom on criterion-related validity
Sackett, P. R., Shewach, O. R., & Keiser, H. N. (2017)
Journal of Applied Psychology, 102, 1435-1447
doi: 10.1037/ap10000236
Proposed Core Competencies and Empirical Validation Procedure in Competency Modeling: Confirmation and Classification
Baczyńska, A.K., Rowiński T., Cybis N. (2016)
Frontiers in Psychology, 08 March 2016
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A test of the generalizability of a recently suggested conceptual model for assessment center ratings
Merkulova, N., Melchers, K. G., Kleinmann, M., Annen, H., & Szvircsev Tresch, T. (2016)
Human Performance, 29(3), 226-250
doi: 10.1080/08959285.2016.1160093
Analytical, Practical and Emotional Intelligence and Line Manager Competencies
Baczyńska, A. K. (2015)
Management and Business Administration. Central Europe; 23(4):34-54
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A Trait Profile of Top and Middle Managers
Baczyńska, A. K., Rowinski T. (2015)
Frontiers in Organizational Psycholology 6:1694. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2015.01694
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The interplay of elicitation and evaluation of trait expressive behavior: Evidence in assessment center exercises
Lievens, F., Schollaert, E., & Keen, G. (2015)
Journal of Applied Psychology, 100(4), 1169-1188
doi: 10.1037/apl0000004
Personality Correlates of Assessment Center Consensus Competency Ratings: Evidence from Russia
Simonenko S., Thornton, G. C. III, Gibbons A.M., Kravtcova A. (2013)
International Journal of Selection and Assessment, Volume 27 Number (4 December 2013): 407-418
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