Dr. Irving Yi-Feng Huang is Associate professor and former chair of the Department of Public Administration at Tamkang University and Senior Vice President of Asian Regional Training and Development Organization, Secretary General of Chinese Society for Training and Development (Taiwan ROC). He is also a former advisor to the Mayor of Taipei City, a board member of Chinese Society for Public Administration and Chinese Society for Personnel Administration. Irving serves as editorial Board member for the Public Administration Review (PAR) and Review of Public Personnel Administration (ROPPA).

Irving teaches Public Human Resources Management and Local Government in Tamkang University. He also serves at governmental training organizations as instructor to train the civil servants.

Irving did a research on assessment and development for US Senior Executive Service as a Fulbright scholar at University of Georgia (UGA) in 2007. In 2015, Irving was invited by Florida State University as a visiting scholar for the research of radical civil service reform. Irving, as a Fulbright scholar, ambitiously aims at facilitating international interaction, institutional visits, and international cooperation among training organizations. For building a bridge of international interaction on the field of HRD, Irving actively participates in ARTDO-related activities. He was the recipient of ARTDO HRD and Management Award of 2012.

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