Annual Assessment Centre Study Group (ACSG) Conference
7 - 11 March 2022

Who is the ACSG?
The ACSG is a special interest group of practitioners-academics who presents an annual conference on assessment centres.
The objectives of the group are:
  • To promote the professional use of the assessment centre technique.
  • To facilitate the exchange of experience and skills regarding this technique.
  • To provide a forum to exchange research, insights, and information related to the science, practice, and teaching of assessment centres.
  • To facilitate the ethical and professional application of this technique.
In striving to achieve these objectives, the Study Group provides a forum where practitioners and academia can interact and exchange knowledge, best practices, and experiences about the use of assessment centres.

The ACSG's Annual Conference

The ACSG conference provides a great opportunity to gain valuable insights on key scientific developments, case studies and AC research results.

The ACSG is rooted in sharing newfound knowledge, pioneering ideas and best practice guidelines. In fact, the ACSG came into existence when a group of bold and daring academics and practitioners got together more than 40 years ago to do just that.

Over the years, presenters and delegates have explored the length and breadth of the AC landscape, looking backwards, looking inward and looking forward. During the 2022 conference delegates can again look forward to insightful presentations addressing topical themes such as: artificial intelligence (AI) and ACs, AC competencies and simulations post COVID-19, AC guidelines and case studies.

Conference presentations are selected from abstracts received by the ACSG's executive committee. All abstracts are reviewed by an International Blind Peer Review Panel consisting of prominent AC practitioners and academics. The panel evaluates all abstracts (not knowing who submitted the abstract) and presenters receive feedback on the review process. Two to three reviewers evaluate assigned abstracts, including the abstracts from invited presenters.