Annual ACSG Conference Programme
7 - 11 March 2022

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Activities during the week of 7 to 11 March 2022

There are various activities during the conference week:

1. AC Academy Training Programmes (7 – 8 March 2022)

The AC Academy's purpose is to establish and enhance the competence of AC practitioners to design, develop, implement, and research ACs according to best practice and ethical guidelines that support Talent Management objectives in organisations. This is done through various training interventions. The current modules, presented asynchronously with the practical training taking place synchronously during 7 – 8 March 2022, are:

Module 1: Observing Behaviour During an AC

Module 2: Designing and Developing an AC

Module 3: Developing Simulations

Module 4: Implementing ACs

Module 5: Evaluating and Validating ACs

2. Various Workshops (9 March 2022)

Various AC related workshops are presented on Wednesday, 9 March 2022. Richard Landers – the ACSG's 2022 international keynote speaker - will facilitate one of the workshops. There will also be an AC Ethics workshop, as well as the two AC Academy workshops: Introduction to ACs; and Introduction to Development Centres.

3. The ACSG Conference (10 – 11 March 2022)

There are three types of sessions presented during the two conference-days.

Plenary sessions are facilitated by invited speakers from South Africa and internationally. There will be at least three plenary sessions: one session conducted by the international keynote speaker; one session conducted by the national keynote speaker; and one session on ACs and Ethics. The international keynote speaker at the 2022 conference is Richard Landers. He is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Minnesota and holds the John P. Campbell Distinguished Professorship of Industrial-Organizational Psychology. His research focuses on the use of innovative technologies in psychometric assessment, employee selection, adult learning, and research methods. Recently, his work has focused on game-based assessment, gamification, artificial intelligence, unproctored Internet-based testing, mobile devices, virtual reality, and online social media.

Open space sessions (presented during parallel time slots) aim to address relevant contemporary issues. Both scientific research and practical case studies will be presented. To ensure the practical value of these sessions, presenters will provide the conference delegates with either some tips, tools or a template to help them to apply the lessons learnt.

Exhibiter corner sessions. The purpose of the exhibiter corner sessions is to give Sponsors and AC service providers the opportunity to showcase their product offerings to the delegates. These sessions provide them with marketing opportunities to showcase new methods, tools and approaches

Attending the Conference

The 2022 conference will be a dual-mode conference allowing delegates to attend the conference in-person at Erinvale Estate Hotel and Spa, Somerset-West, Western Cape, South Africa, or to attend on-line using the Whova application and Zoom. Delegates will be able to participate in both the online and in-person sessions with live question and answer sessions, allowing them to share their opinions in live polls and create meetups for networking purposes.

A conference delegate can attend any event as listed on (e.g., AC Academy training, Pre-conference Workshops, Conference Day 1 or Conference Day 2, both conference Day 1 and Day 2). Note that delegates do not have to attend all the sessions synchronously. Delegates can attend sessions synchronously, asynchronously, or a combination of synchronously and asynchronously.

To register to attend the conference please click on; delegates can register online or download and complete a manual booking form, which they can then email to The conference fees are listed on the web page The fees can be paid by using credit card facilities or making an electronic transfer.

The conference programme can be downloaded from 1 February 2022 from

An abstract booklet will be available online before the start of the conference week. The abstract booklet will contain:

Information about the ACSG and ACSG committee

The conference programme

Abstracts of all presentations

A photograph and short biography of each presenter

Adverts and marketing material of the conference sponsors

Written by Sandra Schlebusch
22 November 2021