Fact-Checking Leadership Assessments: Why Results Sometimes Don't Match the "Reality"

Webinar Information
  • Topic: Fact-Checking Leadership Assessments: Why Results Sometimes Don't Match the Reality Part 2/2
  • Event Date: November 17, 2020
  • Hosts: Martin Lanik, CEO of Pinsight, and Michelle Brown, COO
We've all experienced assessment results that surprised us. Maybe your favorite candidate, who interviewed so well, just blew it in the assessment. Or perhaps your rising-star employee, who you've known for years, was massively outshined in the assessment by a newbie, whose name you can hardly remember. How is it possible? Can leadership assessments be trusted?

Best practice tells us that important decisions like who to hire, when to promote, and how to develop leaders should be based on objective data. But leaders are often skeptical to use assessments because the results don't always match their reality. We call this the "I know Joe" problem. The assessment report may contradict what's seen on the candidate's resume, who we experience in an interview, or who we know every day at work.

In this webinar, we'll explore the main reasons why assessment results can differ from what we see in real life, how to understand the discrepancy, and what to do in each situation to make the best possible hiring, promotion, and development decision. We recommend this webinar to talent specialists attempting to bring assessments to their organizations, and business leaders who are unsure about what to make of the results.